Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a private jet management company is an important decision. Here are common questions prospective management companies should be asked. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us today. 

How does the company ensure compliance with aviation regulations and safety standards?
What types of aircraft does the company manager?
Our professional team is trained to fly, service, and maintain the PC12-NG, Vision Jet, CJ3+, Honda Jet, Lear Jet, and TBM 900, with more aircraft being added to our roster regularly. 
Where do you provide your services?
We offer our services nationwide with expansion overseas planned in the future.
How often is the fleet updated?
What measures are taken to ensure the aircraft are well-maintained?
Does the company provide a transparent breakdown of costs, including management fees, maintenance, and operational expenses?
Are there any hidden fees clients should be aware of?
What are the company's maintenance practices, and how are maintenance schedules managed?
How are pilots and crew members selected, trained, and monitored?
Can the company provide information about the experience and qualifications of their flight crews?
What level of customer support is available, especially during non-standard hours or emergencies?
Is there a dedicated point of contact for each client?
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