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Professional Private Jet Management

Experience the Ultimate Luxury of Private Jet Management

Discover a seamless and hassle-free experience in managing your private jet with our professional and comprehensive services designed around you.
Private jet financial management
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Financial Management

Cost-Saving Strategies for Jet Owners
We offer comprehensive financial management services to private aircraft owners, streamlining your financial responsibilities and maximizing cost-efficiency.
From budgeting and expense tracking to optimizing tax strategies and facilitating transparent financial reporting, we tailor our services to provide you with a worry-free experience, so you can focus on enjoying your aircraft with confidence in their financial well-being.
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Maintenance Management

Ensuring safety and performance on every flight
At Sovereign Wings, we prioritize professional aircraft maintenance for our valued clients by employing a proactive approach to scheduling routine inspections and repairs.
Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a network of certified maintenance facilities, we ensure that our clients' privately owned airplanes receive timely and meticulous care, guaranteeing optimal performance and safety throughout their ownership experience.
Private plane maintenance service
Private pilot and crew services
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Crew & Pilot Management

Unparrelled experience and professionalism 
We understand the importance of having a skilled and reliable crew and pilots for your private jet. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service. 
Whether you need a captain, co-pilot, or flight attendant, we have the expertise and availability to meet your needs. Trust us to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.
Sovereign Wings

Where precision meets passion in aviation.

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Unlock a new era of effortless and worry-free private aviation – contact us now to elevate your aircraft management experience and soar with confidence.

What We Fly

Let your Journey Begin!

Driven by a desire to provide unparalleled service and personalized experiences, Sovereign Wings' founders Leslie Usher, Jr. and Fox Jones took flight, leaving behind the limitations of large aircraft management companies.
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Leslie Usher Jr.
Co-CEO and Pilot
Co-founder M. Fox Jones
M. Fox Jones
Co-CEO and Pilot
The team at Sovereign Wings has made jet ownership simple and enjoyable. They are true professionals in every aspect of their business.
Owner - Lear Jet
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Professional Private Jet Management
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